Hello Dear Friend, and Welcome!

We are living in a time of expanded consciousness and amazing global shifts. The era of personal development, life coaching, and searching outside of ourselves for the answers to be fixed, healed, and happy, are coming to a close. We are stepping into the fullness of who we are and taking responsibility for our health and quality of life, discovering the resources we have within as we connect with Creator, creation, community and our own divine essence. So here begins a new way of being. I invite you to come along and put the soul back in psyche, the spirit back in health, and the sacred back in everyday life.

I have a few beliefs that inspire my work and are foundational to how I approach all clients, groups, organizations, and audiences. As you read this, I hope it resonates with you and is in alignment with your deepest sense of knowing.

You are Perfectly and Divinely Created – Whole

The mind creates “separation” and sometimes our experience of that leads to dis-ease and dis-content. I serve as a mirror to reflect your light, divine essence and wholeness back to you to ignite the remembrance of who you really are. Your part is to be open and step into the expansiveness of your capacity.  It is time to align with your highest potential and give expression to your authentic, divine nature.  To heal is to make whole.  We will create the ideal conditions for your healing and health to come forward.

All the Answers are Within You

I will serve as an assistant when you forget, a companion when you feel alone, and a guide when your path is unclear.  I encourage you to trust the innate wisdom, sacred wholeness, intuitive guidance, and insight that are intrinsically yours.

Blessings and Miracles are Everywhere – Claim Yours

Your wholeness is not dependent on “hard work” and suffering. Health and wholeness are your birthright and come forward with intentional choice, alignment, flowing presence and harmonic resonance.  I will share evolutionary and transformative tools and techniques for your practice. As you move into a deeper love for yourself, you begin clearing all that no longer serves your highest good and experience embodied consciousness and the divine essence that is YOU.  From this place you are fully guided and supported by the universe to live a conscious, co-creative life.

We Live in an Interconnected, Abundant Universe Created of Love

We are part of an extraordinary interconnected universe.  We are one.  Your health, success and joy are MY health, success and joy.  I invite you to journey with me at this transformational time in history and experience a shift of consciousness. Join me and be part of a new conversation — a new way of being — built on principles of inner peace, sustainability, unified wholeness and prosperity for the good of the whole.

It is Time to Awaken and Play Your Part in the Evolution of Consciousness

Every human on the planet is part of the whole — like cells in the body — each with an integral part to play.  And like the human body, you are created with unique gifts and divine purpose.  I invite you to wake up to your magnificence, show up and do your part.  Activate your highest, creative potential and live your fullest divine expression — right here, right now, in your neighborhood, home, family, community, relationships, vocation, service, and life.  When you contribute to and serve the greater whole, the whole serves and supports you!

It’s Time to Unleash Your Highest Creative Potential

In sessions, workshops and online seminars, you get to experience your essential wholeness, divine expression, inherent unity and creative potential.  In our time together, we develop evolutionary practices, identify limiting beliefs and hold all aspects of your whole self with compassion, gentle care and deep love.  As you come into the flowing presence of now, energy and emotions move freely and your divine essence and true nature emerge with ease and joy.

You will feel expansive, alive and connected to yourself, God and the world around you in a new way. Your body, mind, heart and soul integrate and you become more coherent, resonant, and free. From your new awareness and shift in consciousness, challenges resolve gracefully and you expand into a fuller sense of your soul’s purpose and who you are called to be as a multidimensional, divine Self.

I honor and cherish our connection.  Thank you for responding to the call to co-create a new story.  I celebrate as you open yourself to the mystery that is.  I delight in experiencing the abundant prosperity that surrounds you.  We are all more whole and complete as you step into your fullest expression.  The universe thanks you and so do I.

A World of Love,


Dr. Julie Krull

Psychotherapist, Soul Care Practitioner, Mentor

Session Length: usually 1 hour

Session Location: on Skype, Zoom or by phone

Deep Soul Care Packages: custom designed for your needs and schedule [email protected] or call 308-830-0296

Counseling and Psychotherapy:  Dr. Julie has limited openings for individual counseling and psychotherapy. If you are interested in discussing the availability and terms, please call the office: 308-830-0296.