Fractured Grace COMING SOON!

Fractured Grace is a prescription for individual and collective healing—a resounding call for wholeness in today’s escalating state of chaos and fear. With a unique and intimate journey into the author’s own healing process, the reader is invited to step out of fear and anxiety; build strength, courage, trust, and creativity; and increase compassion, resilience, optimism, and love.

In her first book, Dr. Julie Krull offers an impassioned spiritual perspective on global healing and the evolution of separation consciousness in our collective human psyche that is the root of wide-spread pain, suffering, and whole systems breakdown in every aspect of life. Fractured Grace breaks through the illusion of separation, inspires a return to wholeness, and explores an infinite field of possibility. Krull challenges the popular, fear-based separation models of healing and crisis response, and moves readers into a calm and grounded place of hope and clarity, helping to create the conditions for individual and collective healing to occur. In her inaugural book, she weaves personal stories, current events, and prophetic vision to lay the foundation for deep and sustainable systemic healing and change. Her masterful story-telling and authentic voice, inspire and enliven the path to wholeness and the reclamation of our inherent unity.

Based on her thirty-year career as a healer, spiritual teacher, and psychotherapist, working with individuals, groups and organizations, interviewing and working with hundreds of visionary leaders, and drawing on her own healing journey, Dr. Julie clearly reveals how the radical application of a heart-based, soul-centric lens calms the mind, heals the body, creates sustainable peace, and jumps the system to a higher order.

Fractured Grace boldly prescribes waking to our inherent unity and postulates that healing the collective begins with each and every one of us, individually. Along with traditional healing wisdom, Krull teaches evolutionary spiritual lessons, alignment, interconnectedness, multidimensionality, stepping into our fullest potential, co-creation, and working within the unified field. Her down-to-earth, palatable approach invites the reader to explore new concepts, expand consciousness and heed the call to wholeness. Her language, endearing stories, poetic prose, and piercing truths engage the reader and takes them deeper into their own journey.