Enjoy this exclusive small group as we explore leading edge topics in an evolutionary process of activating our inherent “imaginal cells.” Immerse yourself in a coherent field sourced in LOVE and rest in the alchemical frequency that heals and transforms. Together, we become the resonant, connective tissue that unites and harmonizes our higher sense of call and global purpose. We will experience a palpable, deep connection and expanded level of consciousness. Participants are guided toward practical, future actioning and a supportive “mutual aid” community, as we lean into our unknown future. The Imaginal Soul will gather on ONE 60-minute group session for Imaginal Souls ONLY and enjoy a private Facebook group with self-directed exploration into exclusive meditations, lessons, and classes on themes found in Dr. Julie’s book — Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World. When you purchase your copy of Fractured Grace, we’ll send you a special gift to start your journey and regular incentive challenges and check-ins. Plus, you’ll get all the earlier Patreon rewards (except the limited ones).