Sessions with Dr. Julie are unique to each client. She combines her 31-year experience as a licensed psychotherapist with her creative, visionary, healing and intuitive gifts. The combination of her empirical and prophetic wisdom creates a solid foundation for the evolution into your expanded potential. During each session, you are the co-creator. You’ll receive both, down-to-earth support, and multi-dimensional guidance. Dr. Julie will create a safe space to build a field of coherence, attune to the highest frequency, and align with your soul. She always meets you where you are. Together, you follow the impulse of evolution and utilize creative flow. Book a package with Dr. Julie today. Relax into resonance and experience your inherent wholeness!

6 Session Package

12 Session Package

Conscious and Social Entrepreneurs
Visionaries and Futurists
Artists and Mystics
Thought Leaders and Healers
Teachers and Students
Writers and Speakers
Business and Creative Folk
Sacred Activists and Community Volunteers
Coaches and Way Showers
(R)Evolutionaries and Social Architects
Young Pioneers and Wise Elders
Emerging Leaders and Seasoned Stewards
Philosophers and Philanthropists
Resonance Holders and Co-Creators
Change-Makers and Game-Changers
Environmentalists and Nature Lovers
Spiritual Leaders and Mentors
Quiet Luminaries and Light Workers
Why Care for the Soul?
We are living in a time of expanded consciousness and amazing global shifts. The era of personal development, life coaching, and searching outside of ourselves for the answers to be fixed, healed and happy, are coming to a close. We are stepping into the fullness of who we are and taking responsibility for our health and quality of life, discovering the resources we have within as we connect with Creator, creation, community, and our own divine essence. Soul Care creates an opportunity to welcome and embrace heaven on earth, masculine and feminine, spirit and body/mind with contemplative practice and sacred action. This is not an abstract idea, but a sacred calling for all who are committed to practicing the unification of divine essence in human form, while becoming spiritual change agents in the world.
Walk a Meaningful, Sacred Path toward Individual Wholeness
Dr. Julie has been a “practitioner” for nearly three decades with professional titles such as counselor, pyschotherapist, spiritual director, coach, mentor, teacher, professor and healer. As a Soul Care Practitioner, she distills the best of ancient spiritual wisdom, contemporary practice, cutting edge science, and evolutionary next steps. She believes sharing the journey of soul care – the path toward wholeness – is a meaningful, sacred process. It is one of her greatest joys! If it is your intention to live a more conscious, co-creative, soul-centered life in which you align with spirit, transform limiting beliefs, release negative cellular memory, clear emotional blocks, and shift your energy to support your highest divine potential, one of our soul care paths may be for you. Please explore and find what feels most resonant with you.
What is Co-Creation?
As humanity brings spirit and consciousness into every realm of life, we are evolving into a co-creative culture. Co-Creation is so much more than cooperation or collaboration. Barbara Marx Hubbard defines a co-creator as “one who is experiencing the creative intention of the universe incarnating as their own intention, expressing that intention as an essential self in creative work, and joining with others doing the same; one who co-creates with spirit, with others, and with nature.” In the Co-Creator’s Handbook, Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske say a co-creator is “one who surrenders and aligns his will with the intention of Creation, the universal mind, the designing intelligence, Spirit; one who shares his gifts and actualizes his dreams in synergistic play with other co-creators to bring forth a new world.”
Walk a Meaningful, Sacred Path toward Your Creative Potential
Develop evolutionary forms, guiding principles, and powerful practices to accelerate your personal, vocational, relational and social growth. Engage in meaningful life experiences as you claim your higher purpose and find your individual expression on the planet. Experience the generative power of greater connectivity and synergistic play with others.

Care for your soul and create a loving union with yourself; sacred union with Creator; harmonic union with nature; intimate union with your body; resonant union with others; inspired union with vocational expression; and co-creative union with universal intelligence.

Dr. Julie is putting the spirit back in health, the soul back in psyche, and evolutionary consciousness in everyday life.  Book a package today and experience your evolutionary, creative potential.

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