On the leading edge of personal, social and global transformation, The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, is making connections that inspire and accelerate our individual and collective awakening. Each week, Dr. Julie is joined by evolutionary thought leaders and change makers from around the world, to explore social change, the generative power of conscious, co-creative practice, and what’s emergent with health, science, spirituality, and the evolution of consciousness. Break through the illusion of separation; explore the infinite field of possibility; and find beautiful beginnings where endings leave off.


“The smartest, most intelligent and wise interviewer I have ever worked with.”

~ Alberto Villoldo

“I thank you, Julie, for all that you’re doing to really change consciousness.”

~ Riane Esler

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Codes for a Healthy Earth: Cultivating Peace with All of Life



Meet our Esteemed Guests, Visionaries, and Change Makers
Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with Charles Eisenstein
Charles Eisenstein


Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey


Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with MiraMichelle and Jeevan
MiraMichelle & Jeevan

Shaman, Healer, Ceremonialist

Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with Jude Currivan
Jude Currivan

Author, Cosmologist

Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with Sailesh Rao
Sailesh Rao

Author, Founder of Climate Healers

Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with Monica Sharma
Monica Sharma

Author, Global Leader

Codes for a Healthy Earth: Peace with All of Life Series with Ben Bowler
Ben Bowler

Founder, Unity Earth

TBA: Order of the Sacred Earth with Matthew Fox, Skylar Wilson, and Jennifer Berit Listing
Matthew Fox



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August 21, 2019: Empowering the World One Listener at a Time with Remy Smith (PART TWO Empower Radio Tribute)

August 14, 2019: Empowering Lives, Empowering the World with a Few Surprise Guests

July 31, 2019: Practical Tools for Growing #Elder, Not Older with Ron Pevny and Katia Petersen (Part Two)

July 24, 2019: Looking for #Enlightenment in All the Wrong Places with Matthew Ferry

July 17, 2019: #StressManagement in an #Evolving World with Sherryl Lin

June 19, 2019: Conscious Eldering as the Pinnacle of Life with Katia Petersen and Ron Pevny (Part One)

February 14, 2018:  The Wisdom and Consciousness of Mother Earth with Anneloes Smitsman

February 7, 2018:  Lean Into the Counter Intuitive with Bayo Akomolafe

January 31, 2018:  Celebrating Human Unity Across All Cultures, Creeds, Colors and Countries with Kurt Johnson

January 9, 2018:  Women Leading the Change: Expressing the Sacred Feminine with MiraMichelle

January 3, 2018:  Women Leading the Change and Feminine Rising with Shelley Ostroff and Quincey Krull

December 27, 2017:  Women Leading the Change We Wish to See in the World with Quincey Krull 

December 6, 2017:  Me Too: A Masculine Perspective with Remy Smith and Quincey Krull

November 29, 2017:  “Me Too!” A Mother/Daughter Conversation to Elevate our Collective Healing Potential with Quincey Krull

November 22, 2017:  Being and Becoming in Liminal Space with Sherryl Lin

November 1, 2017:  Regenerative Resilience in Global Crisis with Carolyn Baker

October 25, 2017:  How to Liberate Yourself with Just One Word with Laurie McCammon

October 18, 2017:  Moving Humanity from Fear to Love with Robert Williams

October 11, 2017:  Living Your Awakening in Every Moment with Amoda Maa

October 4, 2017:  The Global Blue Hour with Katie Teague

September 20, 201: Playing in the Unified Field of Consciousness with Anneloes Smitsman

September 13, 2017:  Beyond Mindfulness to Lasting Peace with Stephan Bodian

September 6, 2017:  The Nature of Consciousness with Rupert Spira

August 30, 2017:  Being Conscious about the Shift in Consciousness with Sherryl Lin

August 16, 2017:  Understanding the Inflammatory Response: Toward Personal and Global Healing with Sherryl Lin

August 9, 2017:  Is Peace Really Possible with Avon Mattison

August 2, 2017:  A Vegan Cure for Climate Change with Sailesh Rao

July 26, 2017:  The Soul Expressed as Human Being with David Tresemer

July 5, 2017:  Stream of Consciousness Episode 3 with Remy Smith and Quincey Krull

February 1, 2017:  Gender Equality and Religious Freedom in Today’s Tumultuous Landscape, with William Keepin  (Belonging to God)  #AllThingsConnected

January 25, 2017:  What can the 12 Archangels Teach us About Heaven on Earth? with Belinda Womack  #AllThingsConnected

January 18, 2017:  What Can we Learn from Cherokee Wisdom? with Cynthia Ruiz  #AllThingsConnected

January 10, 2017:  How Soon is Now with Daniel Pinchbeck  #AllThingsConnected

January 3, 2017:  A Mystical Journey in Consciousness with Deirdre Hade #AllThingsConnected

December 14, 2106:  Navigating Change in Turbulent Times (Part Two) with Sherryl Lin  #AllThingsConnected

Our Guests are Visionary Leaders Who Have Been Featured In: